How can I add my own source to Monitor?

  • May 22, 2013

If you want to keep track of what’s happening on a website or a blog that’s not already included in our Sources list, we’ve introduced a clever little feature that may well allow you to add it, thereby creating your own, personal version of Monitor.

Some websites have what’s called an RSS feed that allows their contents to be exported elsewhere. You can find this by either clicking on this icon (*) (if present on the site in question) or you can just try to add “/feed” at the end of the URL you’re interested in: if an RSS feed exists, your browser will automatically detect it.

The webpage you’ll be taken to will look pretty basic and contain lots of text. The URL will then look something like this:



Once you’ve found it, copy the URL and paste it into the “Add Source” box in Monitor.

If you want Monitor to show articles from a website or a blog that doesn’t have an RSS feed, please click here to let us know about it. If the link is popular among our subscribers, we’ll do everything we can to include it in Monitor’s list of sources.